International Making Cities Livable Competition 2015 - Westmoreland Park in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Project Goals: Develop the remaining ten acres of vacant publicly owned land along the North Fork of the St. Lucie River to enhance public access to a natural resource, provide cultural and historical links to the area’s past, integrate the project with the surrounding uses, and connect all 72 acres of publicly owned riverfront land via the extension of the a non-motorized multi-use riverwalk boardwalk to create an asset for present and future generations.

The Westmoreland Park project is the result of a community driven planning and visioning process that was facilitated by volunteers from the American Institute of Architects, Treasure Coast Chapter, on behalf of the City.

AIA Westmoreland Park Master Site Plan Approval

Several AIA members and allied members accompanied AIA Treasure Coast President Raul Ocampo, AIA to Port Saint Lucie City Hall on October 26 to receive a plaque in appreciation for volunteering their time, professional  work and guidance in preparing the Westmoreland Park Master Plan. The plaque was presented by Mayor Oravec and Council members at the City Council Meeting .

Westmoreland Park Illustrative Master Site Plan

PSL City Counselor Workshop on Westmoreland Park on August 17,2015

City of PSL Design Charrette on March 13,2015

The City of Port St. Lucie held a hands-on public workshop on Friday, March 13, 2015, also known as a “design charrette,” for the purpose of creating conceptual design ideas for a 9.75 acre city-owned parcel (subject property) located on Westmoreland Blvd adjacent to the Botanical Gardens. The parcel is one of three city-owned parcels with direct access to the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. The purpose of the design charrette was to solicit public input on the future development of the site including public access, recreational opportunities, cultural activities, and commercial uses. Nine architect members of the American Institute of Architects Treasure Coast Chapter conducted the charrette on behalf of the City, pro-bono. 

"Diversity in Architecture" by Greg Burke, AIA

"Celebrating Architects who overcame disabilities" by our AIA Treasure Coast member Greg Burke, AIA, was published on the new AIA website.  This article is the result of Greg's efforts that took several months of research and writing.  Greg highlighted the article Architect Chris Downey, AIA, who is blind and works in braille.  Chris Downey also gave a captivating presentation at this year's Florida AIA Convention at the Breakers in Palm Breakers.  To learn more about Chris Downey and others who overcame disabilities check out Greg's article.